Motherhood Sessions

The one thing that bonds women together and is so profoundly special it carries it’s own amazing kind of beauty is Motherhood.

As a photographer and a mother, I have learned that many things inspire me but nothing quite like the love of a mother for her child.

Too often, it is the mums behind the camera missing out on being in the photos with their families. One day, all your children will have is photos of you. It doesn't matter what your hair is doing, what your makeup looks like, if you still have a few kilos to lose, or what clothes you're wearing. Your children won't care about any of that...they'll just want to see you! Simply put, getting in the frame is empowering and important. These images are for you AND your children. They are a tangible record of how you love but also just how loved you are.

Each session will be unique to you and your own family. These sessions are completely emotion and moment based. There are no expectations from you other than for you to be present and love on your children as only you can. Cuddle, tickle, play, snuggle, sing, dance, embrace, read, feed or bathe with your child. I will be there merely as a creative witness. I am there to document you and your family just as you are in that moment.

These sessions are suitable to any mama and her child(ren), as well as grandmas and expectant mamas.

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