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the ordinary is extraordinary




I want to capture stories from YOUR real moments. 

Let me capture all of the fleeting details and memories you’ll want to hang on to…those brand new baby wrinkles and snuggles, how your daughter carries her stuffed rabbit around everywhere she goes, the little tuft of hair that sticks straight up on your baby, how your son will only eat dinner with the red fork and green plate, the sink piled up with dishes with baby bottles mixed in, your toddler’s dimply little hands, the mismatched socks your child insists on wearing, the spilled cereal all over the table, the dog walks on the beach, the family game nights, the kid's dress-ups…the little details that represent YOU that will make very special memories for the entire family to look back on in the years to come.

I don’t want to just create a pretty picture of someone, I want to create a memory for them. The details you want to hang onto. The memories you don't want to slip away. Let me capture something honest, something beautiful and something unforgettable!










What story do you want to tell?

Memories are made everyday, not just on birthdays, holidays or special occasions. They happen at breakfast, in the car, doing homework, in the back garden, at the beach, making dinner, at the playground, in the bath, at story time, on the sofa or anywhere in between! 

Everyday life rarely looks like a stylized photo shoot full of clean houses and Pinterest inspired wardrobes with happy, smiley children. Let's document your everyday, real, messy and BEAUTIFUL lives! It’s your life, it’s your memories, it’s your story!

This is your chance to see your life through someone else’s eyes.  To see the beauty in yourself and the beauty in your family, because I promise, between the dishes and the potty accidents and the sibling arguments, amidst the blur of everyday life, there are moments of such pure joy and love and honesty that make it all worthwhile! The ordinary is extraordinary!

I'm Jenny Rusby, a Melbourne family, newborn & maternity photographer. I love capturing real and honest emotions and the details in the everyday moments. I love photographing the connections amongst families.  I look for the smiles, giggles, cuddles, secret sideway glances, tears, tantrums and comforting hugs. I want to make images that make you feel something that are timeless, honest and real

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