a letter to my boys | mornington peninsula photographer

Image dear owen & ben,

another month has passed and it's time for another letter already!  time seems to be flying by...there never seems to be enough hours in the day anymore and you're both growing up SO quickly!

owen, we found out this month that you have a place in pre-school starting next month.  i'm so excited and happy for you...i think you'll love it!  it will be a great opportunity for you to be independent, and away from mommy and ben for a few hours each week.  i hope you make some nice friends and play well with everyone, but of course i'll worry about you.  you're such a sensitive soul, that i hate to think about you being upset and me not being there to comfort you.  but i'm sure my worries will be for nothing, and you'll have a ball!  to say i'm not a bit sad that my baby is growing up and heading off to school would be a lie...how are you 3 already???  i'm sure i'll be an emotional mess when i drop you off for your first day!

and mr. ben, these days you seem to think you're 3 like your brother, but are stuck in a 19 months old body.  you try to be so independent...wanting to walk everywhere, going up and down the stairs on your own, using big cups to drink from, riding the bike, getting dressed, wanting to use the potty...pretty much everything owen does, you want to do!  but unfortunately, you're not quite ready for everything your brother does on his own and frustration seems to meet you most days!  you're also turning into a little chatter box with more and more new words, and you even said you're first sentence this month, "wee wee in the potty!"  you really will be 3 before you know it...

i sometimes feel i spend my days as the referee breaking you two up or am constantly getting back the snatched toy for one of you, but when you play happily together it's wonderful and i know you'll grow up as best friends.  one of your favourite games is playing 'super owen and super ben' when you get out of the bath.  we know bath time is over when ben starts chanting 'super' while trying to climb out of the bath (you're such a little monkey ben!), and then you both stand on the mat waiting for your 'capes' before the crazy fun of chasing each other around the house laughing and squealing begins...it's one of the best parts of my day!

i love you both so much...can't tell you that enough!

lots of love,

mommy xx

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