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dear owen,

this month is a special letter just to you!   it seems like yesterday you were my little baby, and now you're such a big boy already that you're off to pre-school!  i know it's only pre-school but it's the start of your school journey and before i know it you'll be heading off to university.

mommy and daddy were so nervous for you on your first day.  we worried how you would be without us and starting mid-year and not knowing any of the other children or the routine of the school.  BUT you were so brave and SO excited, and you put your backpack on and went running right in (with your baa!) and never looked back! a police officer came to visit the school on your first day and you got to see his police van and hear the sirens and watch the lights...i don't think you could've asked for a more perfect first day!

your teacher said you're adjusting really well and are already socialising with the other kids.  she's commented twice now on how much of a little chatterbox you are...i think most people who know you could attest to that!   she did mention that you're personality changes when you don't want to do something...hmmm, i think mommy and daddy would agree with that!

i think i can speak for daddy as well, when i say we're both so proud of you and the little man you are becoming!  you are such a clever, inquisitive, headstrong little monkey...who can be a bit challenging at times...especially when you don't get your way!  you're also so kind and thoughtful, and are such a gentle, sensitive soul.

you've become very creative and imaginative over the last month, and you've taken the initiative on creating some fun games for us to play.  we played your bear game for over an hour the other day, and it actually had you tidying up a bit as you didn't want the bear to eat any of your cars!  you've built cars and busses out of the chairs for all of us to ride in...after first checking the bus schedule on the fridge, of course!  you've wrapped yourself up in a cocoon and emerged as a butterfly flying around the room and you've slid around the room on your tummy as the hungry caterpillar eating everything in sight.  we've had baths with 'max' and the orange and green sherbet he spills, and there have been lots of hoots flying over our bath recently who like to land in the bubble nests you build them!  It's so adorably cute to watch you play now and have a glimpse into your imagination...i hope you never lose this creativity!

my silly goose, monkey, monkey goose, monkey doodle, and the thousand other names i call you, i love you so very much and love all your snuggles and cuddles, and of course your giggles!  i want you to stay this young forever, yet i can't wait to watch you grow and see the sweet young man you'll become.

lots of love,

mommy xx

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