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August blog_1 dear owen & ben,

normally i'm so surprised by how quickly the month has passed and wishing time would slow down, but this month i can honestly say i'm happy to see the end of august!

the weather has been pretty miserable (cold, windy and wet) and we've all been struck down by flus, colds, and viruses so have been stuck inside a lot...and you boys do not like being stuck inside! i think we've read more books, watched more 'max and ruby' and done more play dough and colouring this month than we've done in a long time! to say we've all been going a bit stir crazy is an understatement!

mommy's also been very busy this month with my photography business, which is great and i'm absolutely loving it, but i've been suffering from a bit of 'mom guilt' because of it. it's a lot of work to set up a business while being a stay at home mom and i feel so guilty when i'm working and not playing with you. i try and work during nap and quiet time and in the evenings or early mornings, but there have been days when i've had to finish something up and watching the two of you play on your own while i'm sat at the computer makes me feel awful. it's a balancing act that i'm still trying to figure out, and hoping it will get easier as time goes on. i know that ultimately you're both very happy little boys and that it doesn't really bother you when i'm doing a bit of work, but it's been a bit of an adjustment for me as i don't want to miss out on any time with you, especially while you're this young. i hope that when you're older you'll be proud of your mom and all that i've done and accomplished, and that you'll be inspired to follow your dreams and passions as i have, and of course i hope that you love all the photos and the memories that have been captured!

and now at the end of august, finally the weather has changed and everything seems to have improved, we're all healthy and moods are lifted! we've been playing outside again in the parks and at the beach (in t-shirts...yay!), and spring is definitely in the air! i can't wait to enjoy more of the spring and summer weather with you...we are going to own the beach this year!

i love you lots and lots, and so much more than i could ever tell you!

lots of love,

mommy xxAugust blog_3

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