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Sept letter_5 dear owen & ben,

september is father's day in australia, so this month we were able to celebrate your very special daddy! we had a wonderful family day out on father's day and i was reminded how lucky we all are to have your daddy in our lives.

daddy loves you both so much and has been a very involved dad from the beginning (he even read a 'how to be a good dad' book before you were born!).  he takes care of us in so many ways and works so hard to provide us all with an amazing lifestyle.  i know daddy wishes he could spend more time with you during the week, and we all know that bath time is so much more fun with daddy than with mommy, but i know the three of you cherish your special time together every night with bedtime stories and tuck ins, and we always look forward to the weekend, because daddy's home at the weekend...yay!

your daddy is very smart, kind, adventurous, determined, SO funny, and SO caring and loving.  i hope that his little 'mini me's' continue to learn from him as you grow, and remember to tell him how much you love and appreciate him...because we don't always tell him as much as we should!

i love you both, and i love your daddy, lots and lots, and so much more than i could ever tell you!

lots of love,

mommy xx

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and here's a pic of mommy so you know i was there too... Sept letter_8