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a birth story is far more than just the actual birth... the empowerment, the love, the strength, and the support. the moments that are often forgotten or missed. the little details. the look on dad's face as he supports his partner. the joy that fills the air when the new baby takes their first breath. baby's first cuddles and kisses. these are the moments that only happen once. these are the moments that make up the birth story.

every birth has its own story to tell. they are all different and unique. there is no posing. there is no predictability. there are no do-overs. just honest, real, raw and true.

on 27 july 2015, i had the absolute pleasure of telling baby spencer's birth story for him and his family. xx

You are Mine featuring Spencer Combs and Holley Maher has been licensed through The Music Bed.

melbourne birth photographer
melbourne birth photographer

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