Beautiful Mother | Melbourne Family Photographer

A few months ago I had the absolute honour of spending the afternoon with the gorgeous and inspiring Mental Mumma - Caroline and her family on the Mornington Peninsula as part of Beauty Revived's 50 Beautiful Mother's campaign. Beauty Revived is a movement that celebrates women of real beauty who are beautiful on the inside and out, who inspire and give back. 

Caroline was nominated by her equally beautiful friend as a deserving woman from our community who shows the attributes of kindness, courage and strength. Her story was featured in the May issue of Beauty Revived's magazine and has been featured on their blog. 

“You see what people see as me putting others first, is just me creating space to be the kind hearted, loving, community-minded light worker that I am. By doing ‘all the things’ I am filled up!”

Please have a read of the full story here. Caroline is one truly inspiring, incredibly humble and Beautiful Mother I have had the pleasure of meeting! 

A HUGE thank you to these other beautiful women for donating their time and talent to help spoil Caroline. 
Clothing: Evergreen clothing
Hair: Corri Robinson
Make-up: Made Flawless - By Sarah