a letter to my boys | mornington peninsula child photographer

Ben-13 dear ben,

happy 2nd birthday!!!  my little benny bean, how are you 2 already???  this past year has just flown by and you've grown up and changed so much...you certainly aren't 'baby ben' anymore!

you're very much a little boy now and you love to climb and climb...and climb! you get into anything and everything (and still like to put everything in your mouth!) and are always so full of beans!  you love diggers and dump trucks, garbage truck day is always fun, and could there be anything better than a fire truck???  you play really well with your big brother, although you usually want each other has which has lead to a few tantrums...of which you can certainly throw a pretty good one these days!

you've loved your music class this year and did a great job on stage in your concert...you're definitely a fan of drumming!  you love dancing and jumping, and i think you would stay on the yellow swing all day if we let you!  you still wake up at 4am and join mommy and daddy in bed (i was hoping you would've grown out of this habit by now!).  you're still very much attached to your thumb and you love you're giraffe SO much...i desperately hope we never lose him!  sometimes i think we need to have your ears checked, especially when mommy or daddy are saying 'no!'...you're a little man on a mission in your own world sometimes!  you put your whole heart into everything you do, and you're very kind and gentle...and you give the most wonderful cuddles!

i am so proud to be your mom and i can't wait to see the young man you become.

i love you lots and lots!

mommy xx


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