a letter to my boys | mornington peninsula family photographer

dear owen & ben, this year we've started a new family tradition of the '25 days of christmas' where each day instead of a piece of chocolate on the advent calendar we will do one planned holiday activity together.  i hope it will be a fun way to help us all get into the christmas spirit and create some great memories together as a family!

we've also been sent an elf this year for the first time from santa.  he's been keeping on an eye on you during the day and getting up to some mischief each evening!

it's my plan to document our '25 days' activities and those of the elf, as best i can.  some days it might just be a quick snapshot or an iPhone snap, as i want to participate in the activities as much as i can with you without always being behind the camera!  so here is part one of your december letter showing the first 9 days of your elf's antics and days 1-7 of our '25 days.'

love you lots,

mommy xx

november 28: a letter and present arrive from santa saying an elf is on his way to you...

(iPhone) elf 1a

(iPhone)elf 1

november 29: your elf was waiting for you on the table when you woke up...you weren't too sure of him at first owen!  you decided to name him frank...as in frankincense, grandpa frank, owen frank and ben frank...it seemed an appropriate name!elf 2a

elf 2b

(iPhone)elf 2

november 30: the elf on the shelf...

(iPhone) elf 3

december 1: day 1 of our advent calendar and '25 days'...go see santa!  we couldn't even manage a bad picture with santa this year, as you both to clung to us in fear and poor ben you cried quite a bit!  but after the traumatic meeting with santa, you had a blast with the elf and riding the santa express!


day 1 phonea

(iPhone)day 1 phone

day 1

(iPhone)elf 4

december 2: setting up your mini tree with thomas...day 2


(iPhone)elf 5

december 3: make christmas wrapping paper...day 3

day 3a


(iPhone)elf 6

december 4: open new christmas jammies and watch a christmas movie...you chose to watch 'the elf on the shelf' for the 1000th time this week!

(iPhone) day 4 phone

Day 4a

(iPhone)elf 7

december 5: christmas tree pizzas for dinner...Day 5

(iPhone)elf 8

december 6: christmas snack...christmas tree crackers with red and green milk!

(iPhone) day 6 phone


day 6

day 6a

Day 6b

(iPhone)elf 9

december 7: cut down the christmas tree.  there aren't many pictures of the tree as you were both pretty frightened of the chain saws so were both being carried... (iPhone)day 7 phone

day 7

day 7a

(iPhone)day 7 phonea

(iPhone)elf 10