a letter to my boys | mornington peninsula family photographer

dear owen & ben, here is part four of our '25 days of christmas.'

despite wearing mommy out on some days, we all had SO much fun this month!

elf frank said goodbye to you in style on christmas eve - with hot chocolate and marshmallows and a little present for each of you. i think you liked having him around as you keep asking where he has gone!

our christmas day was wonderful - we spent the whole day opening presents, playing in the pool, riding your new scooters, trying out new toys, eating lots and lots of yummy food, skyping with family, and just enjoying our day together!

i've been thinking about my letters to you and how much i want to share with the world and have decided that this will be my last letter i post here.  i share a lot of pictures, and i know that won't stop, but i'd rather keep our letters personal just between us.  so starting next month, i'll be joining a group of other photographers in 'the kids were here' blog circle where i'll share photos detailing evidence that the kids (you both) were here without actually showing the kids...it should be a fun way to document some of what you get up to!

thanks for making this past month so special...seeing how much you enjoyed christmas and how excited you both were was just magical!

i love you both lots and lots!

mommy xx

december 21 - take cookies to the fire station and our neighboursdec 21a

dec 21b

dec 21c iPhoneday 21 elf

december 22 - make gingerbread playdoughdec 22a

dec 22b

dec 22c

dec 22iPhonedec 22 elf

december 23 - drive around to look at the christmas lights dec 23b

dec 23

dec 23a

dec 23c

dec 23d

dec 23e

dec 23fiPhonedec 23 elf

december 24 - make cookies for santa and read 'the night before christmas'dec 24

dec 24a

dec 24b

dec 24d

dec 24c

dec 24 elf

december 25 - open presents and enjoy the day with your familydec 25b

dec 25

dec 25a

dec 25d

dec 25c

dec 25e

dec 25f

dec 25jiPhonedec 25 iphone

dec 25g

dec 25i

dec 25h