a letter to my boys | mornington peninsula family photographer

dear owen & ben, here is part three of our '25 days of christmas' activities...

lots of love,

mommy xx

december 15 - mom's group christmas partydec 15

dec 15a

dec 15b

dec 15c

day 15d

dec 15d

dec 15e

iPhoneelf 18

december 16 - make gingerbread houses with friendsdec 16

dec 16a

dec 16b

dec 16c

iPhoneelf 19

december 17 - buy a gift for the christmas giving tree

iPhone dec 17

dec 17a

dec 17b

dec 17eiPhoneelf day 20

december 18 - have an indoor snowball fightdec 18

dec 18a

dec 18b

dec 18c

dec 18diPhonedec 18 elf

december 19 - reindeer pancakes for dinner19

dec 19a

dec 19b

dec 19c

dec 19diPhonedec 19 elf

december 20 - christmas shopping in the city and a lunch date with daddy at work

iPhonedec 20

iPhonedec 20a

iPhonedec 20b

iPhonedec 20c

iPhonedec 20d iPhonedec 20e