a letter to my boys | mornington peninsula family photographer

dear owen & ben, you have both been getting very excited and into the christmas spirit!

ben, you have become an expert elf finder and often find frank before mommy does and every morning shout out and point with a big grin on your face 'there he is!'

owen, i don't think you can hide your excitement!  you told us the other day, 'i'm so happy! thank you dad for putting up the lights...it's christmas in here now!'

and christmas dance parties have now become part of our daily routine!

here is part two of our '25 days of christmas'....

love you lots!

mommy xx

december 8: take cookies to the police station and decorate the treeday 8

day 8b

day 8a

day 8c

(iPhone)elf day 11

december 9: festive finger painting...day 9

day 9a

day 9b(iPhone)elf day 12

december 10: owen's christmas concert at kinderday 10

day 10a

day 10b

day 10c

day 10d

(iPhone)elf day 13

december 11: make bow christmas treesday 11

day 11a

day 11b

(iPhone)elf day 14

december 12: christmas carols in the parkday 12

day 12a

day 12c

day 12d

day 12b

day 12e

day 12f

(iPhone)elf 15

december 13: have hot chocolate and watch 'a charlie brown christmas' on the iPadday 13

day 13a

day 13b

day 13c

(iPhone)day 13f

day 13d

day 13e


elf 16

december 14: christmas wiggles...and a special guest came to visit us on a fire truck!day 14

(iPhone)day 14c


day 14a

day 14b


day 14d

day 14e

day 14f

day 14h

day 14g

(iPhone)day 17